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2019 Winners

South Portland’s 42nd Annual Art in the Park Show & Sale August 13, 2022

CLICK HERE for a list of our 2022 Participating Artists!

2022 Winners


Sponsor’s Choice $500

Scott Perry, Site 101

Terry Wilson, Site 51

Fred Mafigiri, Site 51

Previte Gallery, Site 126

Merit Awards $150

The Soul Path Artist, Site 122

Sheri Hume, Site 150

Wild Maine Photography, Site 110

SAMM Photography, Site 19

John Furches, Site 99


Best Photo in Show $500

Peaceful Places Site 56


4th Prize $400

Eric Graffam, Site 38


3rd Prize $500

Shortiez Ink, Site 87


2nd Prize $600

Tim Gaydos, Site 96


1st Prize $800

Amy Wagner, Site 111


Each year six of our South Portland High School students are awarded a $30 prize by our judges.

The winners for 2022 are the following:


Juliana Sandoval

Eva Tierney-Trevor

Samantha Clyde

Eleanor Christie

Chloe Brown

Liiban Muhamud

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